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Scheduling an Interview

The Consular Section of the U.S. Embassy in Luxembourg only accepts non-immigrant visa (NIV) applications from persons resident or employed in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, and Luxembourg citizens regardless of their current place of residence


The Consular Section will not provide any visa services from March 3, 2015 to April 14, 2015.

During this period, residents of Luxembourg and Luxembourg citizens will have the possibility to submit their application at the U.S. Embassy in Brussels, the U.S. Embassy in Paris or the U.S. Consulate in Amsterdam.

Please carefully check the instructions published on the website of your selected post as they differ from Luxembourg. Usually advance payment of the required visa application fee is required. Applicants should prepare a self-addressed envelope with appropriate postage to allow for return of your passport with visa to Luxembourg.

It may be ncessary to provide a Belgian address when booking the appointment. The address of the U.S. Embassy in Brussels can be used .

Information for persons who apply at the U.S. Embassy in Brussels:

If you wish your passport with your visa to be mailed to you in Luxemburg, please bring the following to your visa interview:

  • one small POSTPAC envelope per person, (size 1: 215 x 150 mm) with Belgian stamps for registered, international mailing. Luxemburg stamps and metered stamps will NOT be accepted. 

NOTE: The POSTPAC envelope and the Belgian stamps must be bought in a BELGIAN post office. 

  • Please write your name and address (home address or business address) on the envelope and stick the stamps on the envelope.
  • a Belgian registered mail receipt (from a Belgian post office), completed with your name and address. 

 Please note that international mail delivery generally takes longer than 5 business days.  The Embassy cannot  held responsible for extra costs due to changing tickets or rebooking flights if delivery is delayed.  We therefore strongly urge you NOT to purchase tickets until you have received your visa and passport in the mail.  

How to schedule an appointment in Luxembourg (only after April 14, 2015): 

Appointments can only be booked online on this website:  


The Consular Section at the U.S. Embassy does not schedule any visa appointments via phone or e-mail except in emergency circumstances. If you call the Embassy directly for an appointment, you will be referred to the website.

The Consular Section will not provide a list of required documentation for your visa interview. Applicants should use the wizard on the Department of State website, which will guide them through the application process, and then check Luxembourg specific information.

Visa applicants who still have questions can call 352 461939 on Monday, Wednesday and Friday during office hours or send an e-mail to  

Visa applicants should check all necessary documentation prior to their appointment at the Embassy. Documentation may vary depending on the visa category and purpose of travel to the US. Applicants who cannot provide the confirmation page of the DS-160, correct photograph, required visa fee in cash or a stamped envelope, may not be accepted for an interview and will have to schedule a new appointment.



For security reasons only a limited number of people are allowed in the Consular lobby at a time. This can result in having to wait outside even in inclement weather.

To facilitate and speed up your entry into the Embassy we recommend you bring no baggage at all, except your passport, the application fee in cash, and supporting documents. Once you enter the screening area, you should be prepared to remove from your person all metallic items and put them in a box for screening, together with your handbag /briefcase, etc.

The following items are PROHIBITED and cannot be brought on to the premises. Persons carrying any of the items mentioned below will be denied entry to Embassy/Consulate facilities as long as the items are in their possession and will be asked to dispose of them. We suggest therefore that all such items be left either at home, in a locked car, or with a friend or relative who remains outside the premises.

While the majority of these articles are obvious security risks, they also include some commonplace items.
ELECTRICAL, ELECTRONIC or BATTERY-OPERATED ITEMS – including, but not limited to: cellular telephones, computers, laptops, music playback devices such as Walkman, CD, DVD, MP3, iPods, palm pilots, USB sticks, cameras, video cameras, calculators, hairdryers and shavers, game boys, electric toys, etc.
FIREARMS AND EDGED WEAPONS - Including replica or non-firing weapons, blank or starter pistols, tear gas pistols, and stun guns; knives of all kinds, swords, scissors, cutting tools and straight razors.
EXPLOSIVES - Including fireworks, smoke bombs, pyrotechnic devices or flares, and flare guns or launchers.
CHEMICAL AGENTS, LIQUIDS and GASSES - Including all compressed air canisters or dispensers for mace or tear gas of any kind, hairsprays, deodorant sprays, cleaning chemicals.
IN ADDITION, any other items that are primarily weapons by design and/or use, including clubs, batons, saps, blackjacks, brass knuckles, nunchaku ("nun chucks"), throwing stars, throwing spikes, and spike combs.